1. Why did you decide on the Easy Cover Pro wall covering? What problems did it solve for you? – I chose it because of environmental awareness. Also, since the specialists had to wait a long time. I was able to install it myself and it was ready for use the same day.

2. What effect did using Easy Cover Pro have on the appearance of your home or work environment? – On the bathroom wall or fell to the floor. Modern, clean.

3. How was the installation of Easy Cover Pro? Were there any challenges or positive surprises? "It was a pleasant disappointment to work with him." I could move quickly with it, it was easy to cut.

4. Which Easy Cover Pro product variation attracted you the most and why? – I chose the color Argenta Marble. The gray shade echoes in other rooms of the apartment.

5. How did the Easy Cover Pro wall covering change the atmosphere of your home or office? Have you experienced positive feedback from visitors or guests? "It gives a warmer effect." Everyone who has seen it has liked it.

6. What experiences have you had with Easy Cover Pro's customer service? How did you rate their helpfulness and the availability of information? "I am completely satisfied." They were able to answer all my questions.

7. How would you rate the quality and durability of the Easy Cover Pro wall covering? What results have you seen over time? "He's been up there for a year." No problem with it so far. It is also easy to clean.

8. What was the biggest advantage of the Easy Cover Pro wall covering for you compared to other alternatives? "The biggest advantage is that I was also able to upload or can be used immediately.

9. If you had to recommend the Easy Cover Pro wall covering to someone, what would be the one sentence you would say to them? "I definitely recommend it."

10. In which areas do you see the greatest potential for the application of Easy Cover Pro wall coverings? "It can be used everywhere."