CONCAVE Cork 3D wall panel – GREEN

Ft 200

  • Packaging: 1m2 / 16 panels
  • Size: 250 x 250 mm
  • Basic material: Cork
  • Weight: 5kg /m2
  • Panel thickness: 25 mm
  • Shipping: 3-4 weeks
Recycled cork 3D wall panel.
Stock: to order
Shipping cost: Ft 15 / pack

Ft 200

CorkWALL is a collection of environmentally friendly 3D wall panels made of recycled cork. It is a combination of unique design and care for the environment. CorkWall is a new idea for a wall decoration that completes any interior. It will take care of its acoustics and microclimate. It will be created without harm to the environment.

Thanks to their shape, panels can be arranged in one direction, create symmetrical patterns or create a unique composition. There are countless combinations.

The panels are very light so their assembly is very simple. We do not need a substructure to install them on the wall. The panels are fastened to the prepared wall using assembly glue. We trim the panels with a bookbinding knife.

Why cork?

Cork is one of the most versatile natural raw materials known. Cork is a very lightweight, elastic and flexible. It is anti-static, so it does not attract dust. Cork is also a good thermal, sound and vibration insulator.

In addition, it is a renewable material, suitable for recycling and biodegradable.

Why you’ll love the 3D cork wall panels

  • easy to assemble
  • many possibilities of installation
  • environmentally friendly
  • renewable, recyclable and biodegradable
  • natural thermal and acoustic isolation
  • lightweight